Using CSV values in for select commands

I am attempting to use a csv stored value to select a target in a drop down menu:

  "Command": "select",
  "Target": "xpath=/html/body/div[5]/div[2]/div[10]/div/select",
  "Value": "label=${!COL3}"

When I run the macro I receive the error: [error] Internal variable “!COL3” not supported

Any help on how to get around this limitation, or how I’m doing it wrong would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You must use csvread before use !COL3 command

Some drop menu can not easy recognized, some type can yse ajax or external resouces.

Try a better xpath

The csv has been read, and the drop down menu is correct.

Post url the site i regulary use !COL in select without any problem

Post complete code of macro and url please

Unfortunately I’m coding against an internal corporate website. I know the xpath is correct because I can run the command with a label that I explicitly type out and it works. It doesn’t really make any sense why this would error out.

I usually use !COL in select and working, this is not a problem of ui vision, it’s probably your error in macro code, try to rewrite the macro with alternative commands…

Without url it’s impossible to help you.