Using both desktop and browser automation in one macro run

I have a workflow which requires me to download a file from desktop, and click on the import CSV to UI.Vision. After that, it will switch to browser automation and navigate to a website. How do I do this in one run without needing to change the settings from desktop to browser automation manually? Because this workflow needs to be run every 15 minutes, I can’t be changing the setting manually every 15 minutes.

In your macro use XDesktopAutomation | true/false as often as you need. It toggles between browser automation and desktop automation.

You can use this command to switch the UI.Vision RPA eyes between browser and desktop. It overwrites the global UI.Vision RPA setting on the “Vision” settings page for the current macro. Note that a switch between desktop and browser scope changes the coordinate system, too. In browser view XClick (0,0) is the top left point inside the browser viewport , and in desktop mode XClick (0,0) refers to the top left point on your desktop.

Hello Sir,
If its possible can you please share some more demo macros related to desktop automation.
Also the one which contains browser and desktop both.
It would really help to learn a lot.
Thanks In Anticipation.