User in the loop automation / Wait for user interaction on the webpage


I am trying to find a way to introduce a pause between execution of two macros. I am aware there are atleast two different commands that does related things.

  1. PAUSE 0 or PAUSE XXXX : Can wait for user to explicitly click resume in the Ui vision interface or pause for a predefined duration of time
  2. PROMPT: Waits for user to enter a string in the messagebox.

However, i am looking for a “user in the loop” automation where RPA pauses when a condition is met and then requires the user to explicitly make a selection in the web UI (e.g. click a button or select an option from combobox etc), after which RPA resumes the rest of the automation when clicks has made that selection.

So neither of the above seems to be optimal. Any leads on how i can approach this?

A concrete example could be say: I want to automate searching for email address of a person by name in a webpage and send an Hello email to them. However, during the search, it turns out there are multiple people by the same name. In this case, i want to pause the macro execution, allow user to make a selection of the person directly in the webpage UI, after which the macro detects that the selection has been made and continues with sending email part of the macro.

See here wait for user input with web scraping