URLs appear to be rewritten when UI.Vision RPA is enabled

Hi, team

I have encountered an issue in Firefox where the URL is rewritten and the product is not displayed when opening the following URL
(This page is in Japanese).

The product page appears for a moment, but is immediately rewritten to the URL with the missing number after “products_id”.

This happens only after viewing the page with UI.Vision RPA disabled and then enabling it in the add-on manager.
However, this event does not occur when Firefox DevTools is displayed.

I am using Firefox 91.10.0esr (64 bit) + UI.Vision RPA Ver. 6.2.6.
I verified this by disabling all add-ons and enabling/disabling only the UI.

Please let me know how to solve this problem.

Strange, this should not happen. The URL/website does not load for me, maybe they block European IP addresses?

Do you see this issue only with this specific URL?

It is possible that the site is blocking access from overseas since it is a mail order site that does not ship internationally.

This is the only mail order site that has confirmed the problem so far.
The problem also occurs on other pages of this mail order site.

If you have any logs I can retrieve, please let me know.

Can you maybe record a short screencast? If I see this issue visually maybe this give me a clue what goes wrong.

What is screencast and is it Autodesk’s Screencast?
If not, please let me know the correct way to do it.

This was my first time using Screencast and it took a lot of time.
I hope I can watch it well.


Thanks for the video, that is helpful. As the next step we will try to find another URL that shows this issue so that we can debug it here.

Question: Do you seem the same issue in Chrome?

Tested with Chrome 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) + 6.2.8 and 7.0.14 with no problems.