Uploading photos from Google Drive

So I am trying to upload photos from google drive to apartments.com When I click the add photos button, Kantu does not recognize the pop up window to select the photos from google drive. When I record the macro it has 3 lines:

ClickAt, xpath=//[@id=…, x,x
ClickAt, name=files[], 0,0
type, name=file[], C:\fakepath…

When I play that macro over again, it does not work. I have tried selecting different types IE. sendkeys, storeImage, dragAndDropToObject. I can’t figure anything out. Would any of you know of a solution to this?

Please see Chrome update disabled the file upload feature? {"code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed"}

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Hey Plankton,
Thanks for sharing a beautiful link. I have the same problem I’m also trying to upload photos from google drive to https://www.dubairent.com.
But the link helps me a lot.