Upload to Integromat.com / Make.com

I was curious if there was a way to take the data obtained through Ui.Vision then upload it to Integromat.com which is now Make.com via RestAPI, a webhook or any other solution directly through the interface? I am all ears and really need some feedback on this as right now the only solution is to have the data then typed into a google forum then uploaded into integromat!

Does make.com have a rest api?

If so, see here for a solution on how to call a REST API from the rpa software:

Did you find a solution to use UI.Vision with Make.com?

thank you!

The only solution I found was to paste the data in a google doc that then fires off a webhook to make.com which was the easiest thing to do. Google Forms webhook had issues as well which I believe required a plugin to make it work correctly