Upload multiple files and wait for a response to take action!

I am new to Kantu tool for automation so have this question.

What i need to do:

upload multiple excel files from a folder onto the internal webserver. Once the file is uploaded a message prompt will appear. if the message is of success, the next file can be
uploaded. If the upload failed, then i error file file needs to be
downloaded. The error file will appear at the bottom of chrome. Once
downloaded, the system can continue to upload the remainder of the files.

i am sure the tool does this but i am unable to find the correct link to
learn and implement this. I would appreciate if you can direct me to the
correct link(s) to start off.

Thank you

You can check for this in the desktop automation mode:

  • visualAssert | (image of this info)
  • If | "${!LastCommandOK}" == true |
  • echo | Error download image found!
  • endIf