Upgrading the Kantu Edge extension to same latest extension version as used in Chrome


Different Kantu version numbers in Chrome and Edge causes a problem for me as I use the identical set of macros in both browser. If new commands (XClickText) are introduced to Kantu and published in Chrome my macros running into issues with the new commands in Edge, because edge is always some versions behind (and the commands or fixes are not implanted there yet).
Why is Edge Kantu extension always some version behind Chrome?

My understanding is, that Edge an Chrome are running on the same browser engine.
Is it possible to run always the latest Kantu version on both browsers? Kantu in the Edge store shows lower version numbers than in the Chrome store. So from there I can’t upgrade Kantu to the same latest version as used in Chrome.

Thank you

V8.2.7 will be in the Edge store in a few days.