Upgrading Page Capacity: Exploring Options Beyond 60/min

I am reaching out on behalf of our team as we currently hold a PRO plan for your OCR software. Under this plan, we understand that we are entitled to 30 page conversions per minute, with the capability to handle up to 60 pages during peak times. We are interested in increasing our conversion capacity to at least 120 pages per minute and would like to inquire about the best way to achieve this.

Could purchasing multiple accounts enable us to exceed our current page conversion limit? We would greatly appreciate your guidance on the most suitable option for our requirements.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If you need more than 300,000 conversions per month, the best way is to get a second OCR subscription, and then use both API keys in your API calls. This will give you 600,000 conversions total (or 900,000 for 3 subscriptions/API keys, etc).

For more details please see this ocr forum post.

The same method (= using more than one api key) also doubles/triples/etc your rate limit :grinning:

:soon: Important: Starting December we will allow 100 conversions/minute in the regular PRO plan at no additional cost. So having two plans/key will then give you 200 conversions/minute or using three api keys will give you 300 conversions/minute (etc).

This rate limit upgrade will be automatically available for all users, there is nothing special to do from your side.

We use a rate limit to encourage users to distribute their ocr load a bit more evenly over time, if their application allows. This allows us to keep the cost per conversions down for everyone. Currently we have the - by far - lowest cost per conversion in the industry.

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Thank you for your prompt response. Your explanation has successfully resolved our doubts.