Updates break Macro execution

I am writing to ask if it would be possible to change the update system. Many times, I leave macros or test suites running for hours, only to come back and realize that due to a new update, the program stopped or exited, making me lose hours of work.

Moreover, your program still stops running randomly for no reason, usually saying Line 22 or whatever line it was at the moment it just stopped, even though no errors are present (and I defined them to be ignored). This has been documented in your forums by other users across several previous versions but the issue is still present. Currently using a third party program to prevent windows from locking the screen, and to keep the Kantu window in the foreground when I leave my PC. Both seem to minimize but not fully eradicate the problem.

Lastly, is it possible that, when you use the Echo option when showing the log, actually just shows the Echo and not all the errors as well. Show errors when in All, but not when in Echo.

Updates break Macro execution => Solution(s):

I already use the Firefox plugin. The problems I described are on Firefox. (Should have mentioned it)
I do understand though that installing the way you mentioned prevents any auto updates. I would like however to stay updated. It would make more sense if the plug in just updated only on browser close or restart, instead of randomly.

I answered here: Kantu browser automation stable version/downloadable plugin?