Unsaved changes in macro "Untitled"


I am trying to create a java wrapper to call ui.vision from a java application.

As I get another error ([UI.Vision RPA] Error #150: No tab for dashboard yet) when opening the browser with a macro, I need to only start the browser wait 15 seconds and then play my macro.
This works so far as the other error does not appear anymore.

So after the 15 seconds the first macro is called with this url:


This leads to an error:
Unsaved changes in macro “Untitled”
You must save macro before replay

And RPA does not proceed.

I am using RPA 6.2.8

Can anyone point me in the direction on how to fix this?



Hi, some questions:

  • Do you get this error always or “only” sometimes?

  • What happens if you press “Cancel” or “Save” manually, does the error go away then?

  • Is this in hard-drive mode or internal storage?

Hi Admin,

Thank you I can recreate the problem every time I run the script.
It happens when I generate a macro in my script and save it to the macro folder. (hard-drive mode)
After saving it when I call the macro via the api, RPA stops untiI click on save.
If I click cancel the macro is shown but is not run.

I also noticed it happens in browser mode when the last macro was run in hard-drive mode and vice versa.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for this hint, I re-created the issue and made an internal ticket for it.

Ok, but the next time you start the script (and all future times) it runs fine, or? So after the first time “cancel” press I can run the automation without problems (Until I toggle between hard-drive <-> browser mode again). Can you confirm this?


as far as I can see it happens the every time is switch between browser and hdd mode.
If I click save the following macros with the same mode run fine. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info! So at least there is a workaround for now.

(Of course we will fix the issue with the next update.)

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