Unsatisfactory results for simple clear image with text

Im trying to use your ocr on simple and clear image with printed text but it returns poor results.
Here is the link https://secure.college-ic.ca/default/search/generate-email-image?form_id=20423
Here is how i use it with your service
Result is : roya@rostl n ca
as you can see it adds spaces and interprets letter i as L.
Anything i can do to fix this?

Here are more examples of inconsistency

Hi, the solution is easy: Test OCR Engine2 or OCR Engine3 - they often have better OCR results for special characters like @,$ or €.

This api call with Engine2


returns rova@rostin.ca - good, but it confuses y with v.

This api call with Engine3


returns roya@rostin.ca - exactly as in the image: