Unlimited log line expected

Hi Team,
as i copy all the log and check its length, the maximum line of log is 1000 currently, right?

can it be configured/changed into a larger ones, or just to be unlimited(which i prefer, since there’s the File system, on hard drive style), or just save into local path?

Currently the log file is not written to the hard-drive, even with macro hard-drive mode enabled. But this is a good suggestion!

For now, I recommend that you use LocalStoreExport | log. See https://a9t9.com/kantu/docs/selenium-ide/localstorageexport

Hi, as you guide, i just tried it(LocalStoreExport | log), while it generate 1 for each 1 loop, which is not what this thread expected, on the contrary, it’s expected to have 1 whole log for the each run(1 OR numerous loops).

since the purpose of this feature is to see the whole status of each run, how many potential errors/warnings totally there to check afterwards, so it’s expected to see this feature.

Thank your team for making it better.