Uninstall Xmodules macOS

I am no longer using the Xmodules on my Mac and would like to uninstall them. Unfortunately that does not appear to be a program for uninstalling as there was for installing.
Do I have to uninstall each component manually?
If so how do I uninstall the host executables and Kantu web browser file access components?
Can I just drag and drop the whole file into the bin?

Can I just drag and drop the whole file into the bin?

Yes, that is what I would do :slight_smile:

Optional: If you want a 100% clean uninstall then run the 2*3 uninstall shell scripts in the XModule folder. It is one script per XModule per browser: sh cv_uninstall_chrome.sh and so on. Once you have done that, then delete the folder.

@ulrich is correct.

Having said that, it probably makes good sense for us to include an uninstall.sh shell file with the next XModule update. This way there will be only one shell script to run for uninstall - just like it is for install.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would really appreciate that feature. This is a really useful sweet of programs but every once in a while a person still needs to do some spring cleaning:)