Unexplained Unexpected token errors after upgrade

I guess this software got updated and broke previously-working scripts?

I had an error: Error in executeScript_Sandbox code: Unexpected token (1:20)

That JS was pretty simple:

let match = ${displayingCounter}.match(/Displaying (.*?) /); 
return match[1];

No idea why, but changing from “let” to “var” solved that one. I run again and I get:

Error in condition of if_v2: Unexpected token (1:894)

That JS is:

${ignoreList}.some(v => ${myVar}.includes(v))

No idea what the problem is there.

Sigh. And this is the LEAST important and complicated of my scripts :frowning:

Can we downgrade?

See here for solutions: Error in condition of if_v2: undefined is not a function