Understanding XModules Licenses (Converting from iMacros)

From a user:

I am converting from iMacros. I bought 1 pro license of the Pro XModule Edition.

I use one box to develop and one for production. I’m trying to figure out how to minimize my cost. I understand that I can only use the license on one box. Is there any way to use the same license so I can develop and run in production? If not, what are the alternatives?

I think the personal edition only allows 25 Direct file access files macros, and I know I will have about 40 or 50, so this will not work for me.

If there is no obvious solution is it possible to activate the development box on the weekends, then switch the license to the production box during the week?

Thank you for your assistance.


Good news: You can use the Ui.Vision PRO license at one machine at a time.

But you can simply enter the license key at both machines, and simply only use one at a given time (as you planned). There is no additional license needed :slight_smile:

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Just wanted you to know, I have completed converting all my scripts and Macros (used for stock trading) to UI.Vision RPA from iMacros. I had been using iMacros for about 10 years. It took about 3 months. Everything looks very solid. The largest part of the learning curve was that the iMacros macros were in the scripts (VBScript) and UI.Vision RPA, the macros are on the hard disk (outside of the scripts). Anyway, your examples are great, but still had to do a lot of trial and error, so I hope you continue to build your examples collection. Thanks again for your guidance.

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