Uncalibrated mouse searching for photos


I’ve been trying to automatically download photos from albums. The first time I use it on the browser it works for one photo but the following in the following ones the cursor always has an offset on the Y coordinate.

(the photo is s placeholder)

Can anybody help me with this? I have been using XClickRelative with the adequate pink and green boxes.

If I reset the browser it works one more time.

The issue is that the download bar is open. Once you close it, the XClick and XClickRelative will be accurate again.

Solution: (OLD) Install this extension to auto-close the download bar: Always Clear Downloads 2 - Chrome Web Store

Edit: Solution: (NEW): Auto-close of the download bar is now part of UIV itself, no external software required.

Thanks for reporting the issue => Fixed in V8.1.22 :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link!