Unable to set up simple configuration

Hi, I’ve been getting pretty frustrated about setting up an automation and have been trying to get this to work for hrs.

  1. I’m setting up an automation to open pdfs in my file manager online one by one (click) and then scrape the url in the url bar and the title text to an excel spreadsheet.

To do this I did a record. then clicked on the first file. Stopped record.
opened webpage
clicked storeattribute -select(selected the url) then clicked on ‘find’ but I get error ‘dom not found’. Storetext gives me the same dom error. Tried downloading xmodules but no change.

  1. Step 2 below is also showing up in red- why is it doing that? :

Hi, can you add a video or a link to the website?

Hello, thanks for your response.

Links won’t work bc it’s in my private hosting but here’s a screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Basically, there are 20 pdfs I want to click on then get the url from the address url bar (note: it’s not possible to get it another way) then loop. And add to csv