Unable to select Dropdown item

My first Kantu project is to automate a file import. Everything works well except one dropdown field which doesn’t seems to respond whatever I do. I’ve tried Select with an Index value, Click, Clickat, Type, Sendkeys. It selects the field but it never changes the value.

Does anyone have a suggestion of why this field may be different and how you might select a value?

thank you.


In this hard case the best solution is Xtype with keyboard emulation



With {KEY_DOWN} you move the select and with {KEY_ENTER} or ${KEY_TAB} you confirm the choice in select.

With this mode i automate every select, i never see a select not manageable.

Remember to emulate the keybords need to install before xmodule (free or paid version)


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I fixed this using Xtype as suggested.

thank you!