Unable to run multiple UI Vision scripts at the same time in the background

I need to run multiple UI.Vision scripts at the same time. I’m using the Chrome browser where I setup multiple profiles to use. I’m running the scripts by executing a command file with the --profile-directory=“Profile 6” parameter. When I run the scripts in the foreground, there are no problems.
However, when I run them in the background through the Task Scheduler, only the first script will run. The others try to open but they can’t access the browser. Even if I try to run the other scripts in the foreground while the first script is running in the background, they still can’t access the browser. in fact, if I double click the browser on the desktop, it doesn’t open. Are there any browser settings that will allow multiple instances to run even if they are running in the background. I hope I didn’t make this too confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, are your scripts using XCLICK or other visual commands? These can not run in the background.

No, my scripts are very simple. Just open, click, select, onDownload, type, store, pause.