Unable to play macro or save it

With UI.Vision Kantu 5.0.8 I am trying to record browser actions from a browser (google chrome 75.0.3770.100 on Ubtuntu 16.04.6). Works so far. I also was able to replay it once.

But now the application UI.Vision is in some unresponsive state, I neither can play the macro nor save it. I have a popup

Unsaved changes in macro “Diffusion1”

Do you want to discard or save these changes?

but when clicking on ‘save’ nothing happens. Restarting UI.Vision also does not help**. Even restarting the whole browser does not solve the problem**. I cannot use UI.Vision anymore!

So how to fix it?

Can you record a screencast or at least a screenshot of this situation?

I cannot currently reproduce this situation, as I uninstalled and reinstalled Kantu. I will post a screenshot if I encounter that situation again