Unable to navigate the zipcode

Hello everyone,
I need to input some elements in this webpage. See image.
I have tried
command: store text
Target: (when i click on select, it doesn’t show yellow color, and i tried the find it showed error: No where to look for the dom)
Any other command would you recommend? Thank You
my task is able to recognize Zip code section and input my zipcode in other to retrieve tracking number.
Please see this video for better idea that i recently talking about.
my routine task is:

  1. enter zip code
  2. Click on “get link”
  3. after that i will show multiple click
  4. I usually hold Ctrl + Click# and open in a new tab without leaving the main page. (max 3 tab)
  5. After loading, i need click on those tab and out put value on Fedex.com.

Any help is appreciate.

Here is the link of video i did.

any help, please. thank you