Unable to identify Canvas elements

All the generated code for Kantu CANVAS element fails. Among other problems The EFP is constantly changing. How do get past the canvas and trigger the element? Here the Kantu generated code:

Open | https://lotto.pch.com/gameplay/homeset-sfl-sc
clickAt | xpath=//[@id=“game-holder”]/canvas | value 269.498
clickAt | xpath=//
[@id=“game-holder”]/canvas | value 445.239

the alternate code generated by the Kantu clickAt command is:

css=#game-holder > canvas

Neither works in subsequent tries.

I can not open the website. But I would use XClick (image) or (if you know the x,y values) XClick (x,y). Using XClick makes automating canvas elements much easier.

I’ve tried XClick and all the alternatives for xpath or css that Kantu generates during recording, and they all fail on replay (even right after I create them). I also have tried to record and use the x,y values. This too fails. Any chance we can talk about how canvas elements are identified and activated. It seems to me (and I’m guessing here) that there is some kind of script being run, which I’d like to try to identify and maybe run directly if possible (as opposed to being called by the click).