Unable to Automate Windows to Virtual Machine integration

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue we have encountered while attempting to execute automation scripts that require interaction with a Virtual Machine(Linux) from a Windows operating system.

The problem we are facing can be summarized as follows:

  1. Launching VM: Our automation script successfully launches the Linux Virtual Machine as expected using Image of VM with XClick command.

  2. Opening Command Line: The script proceeds to open the command line within the Virtual Machine as intended using Image of Command Line application with XClick command.

However, at this point, we are encountering a challenge:

  1. Type actions are not Working using XTYPE : Despite successfully launching the command line interface within the Virtual Machine, the script fails to perform further typing actions using XType command and even though I can see the XType commands being displayed as passed in the macro.

We believe that addressing this issue is crucial for the seamless integration of our automation processes between the Windows and VM.

To provide you with more context, we are using the following setup:


Windows OS: [Windows 10 Version]

Linux VM: [Virtual Box 7.0 with Linux Ubuntu 20.04.6 Version]

Connection Method: [We launching the Virtual machine using image with Xclick command and using the same command to open command line in VM.]

So Xclicks and Xtype’s aren’t transmitting to inside the VM.

Is your VM ‘control’ being grabbed by the keyboard and mouse before attempting this?

XClicks are working fine but XTypes are Not.

Mouse and Keyboard are grabbed. Keyboard interaction is working fine when manually typed inside VM.

Only Facing typing issue when trying to type in VM with UI. Vision present in Windows.