UIvision save result log in Downloads


We’re using UIvision enterprise edition, when the flow complete, it saved log in /users/Downloads folder instead of Vision Config folder/logs. Please assist

start.ps1 has this path:
$url = “”“file:///”+ $path_autorun_html + “?storage=xfile&folder=” + $folder + “&direct=1&closeRPA=1”+“&closeBrowser=”+$close+“&savelog=”+$path_log+“”“”

Your command line looks ok. Can you post it again with some path names inside?

savelog= outside the download folder needs to have a full path e. g. C:\test\log.txt - maybe this issue the issue?

we are using default start.ps1 in UIvision install folder path.
we force changed the savelog=path to a specific path such as C:\uivision\logs, but only runtime log stored in that folder but result log still saved in Downloads.