UIVision for web pages that are already open (don't want a new page to open) for multiple Discord channels

Hi all, I’m new to UiVision and been stuck on this for a couple of days, hoping you guys can help!

I currently have 2 discord channels running on two separate chrome browsers which I usually have side by side showing on one display monitor. As shown on image, I utilize the search feature to filter and show only messages “from: ”, which I deem critical and are isolated on the right hand side of the display window. The problem I’m trying to automate is that I have to constantly click on that search field and hit in order to refresh and display the latest messages from those critical users, which I have to do every 30s to 1m on those 2 channels if I really want to stay on top of the latest messages.

So essentially, I would need my automation to do the following:

  1. Locate the opened window > tab > DiscordChannel 1
  2. Mouse click in the search field (which is already populated with the search parameters)
  3. Keybord Click “Enter”
  4. Repeat every 30s or 1m (until I turn it off)
  5. Repeat this sequence for DiscordChanel 2 (on a separate Window)

I’ve tried testing on only a single window, but since I’m new, I’m having trouble customizing some of the examples on the youtube videos to what I need. I’ve tried using the record feature, but the xpath doesn’t seem to work or properly recognize the search field. I’ve also tried to use the Open command, but again, this opens a completely new instance in a random chrome window (not even the window I was attempting to target).

I’ve attached an image of the parameters that I think I need to make this work. But looking for some guidance from the experts. Thanks all!