UIV as iMacros alternative: Create csv like imacros?


With imacros usually i create csv in automatically with imacros extraction with a custon name.

This function is very helpful for the case of extraction that use timestamp in csv name.

Example i run with imacros a macro that extract value and save csv like csv {timestamp}.csv, imacros create this csv and save the extraction inside.

Kantu can do this feature ?

Thanks, Have a nice day

It can:

  • Extract data and store it in !csvLine e. g. storeText | xpath=… | !csvLine
  • Use csvSave to save the content of !csvLine to a CSV file
  • Done :smiley:

You can use storeEval to generate a timestamp e. g. with storeEval | var d=new Date(); d.getDate()+'-'+((d.getMonth()+1))+'-'+d.getFullYear(); | timestamp

Thanks @admin this feature is very important, i try it now

Have a nice day

what about the time? a full timestamp needs the time. Can you post a storEval that creates a full timestamp that includes the time. Thanks,

I found the answer. Here is how I create a timestamp:
StoreEval_Deprecated | var d=new Date(); ((d.getMonth()+1))+’-’+d.getDate()+’-’+d.getFullYear(); | Datestamp
StoreEval_Deprecated | (new Date().getHours()+’-’+new Date().getMinutes()+’-’+new Date().getSeconds()) | TimeStamp
Echo | Timestamp = {datestamp} {timestamp}