UI Vision xmodules chromebook installation SUCCESS!

I successfully installed the ui vision xmodules on my chromebook!!! The problem is that the chrome browser that is preinstalled on a chromebook cannot access the AppImage xmodule files that are installed in the Linux container. The solution is;

  1. turn on linux on the chromebook
  2. install the linux chrome browser; sudo apt-get install chromium
  3. install the ui vision add-on into chromium
  4. download the xmodules AppImage from ui vision (in XModule settings)
  5. copy that file from the downloads folder into the Linux /tmp directory and make it executable chmod +x
  6. run the now executable AppImage file
  7. copy the xmodules json files from where they were installed in $HOME/.config to where the chromium browser can see it.
    cd $HOME/.config
    cp -r google-chrome chromium
  8. start the newly installed chromium browser
  9. open the UI Vision extension in chromium
  10. go to the UI Vision extensions settings XModule tab
  11. it will show “not installed”, just click “Test It” and it should now show “installed”

If you have any questions email me at support@foodbankgj.org

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Thanks a lot for this tutorial!