UI.Vision working in Microsoft Edge but not in Opera

I have been using the extension in my Opera browser (Windows 10) for some time now, but now I bought a new laptop and installed it there (Windows 11 Home). Now the main buttons in the interface do not work (+Macro, Save, Record, Step, Play Macro), see image. They just get highlighted when I click on them but nothing happens. I tried installing it on Edge and it seems to work fine in that browser.

Any ideas?

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Same here on W11 & UI 8.36, Opera 99.0.4788.65.
Dunno it it’s a Windows or Opera update but XClick has stopped working, it’s not (even close to) finding the target, which it did perfectly well before (none of the boxes it draws are anywhere near the target area).

The problem I’m reporting is not with the XClick command, which I didn’t even mention, but with the UI.Vision user interface itself. Buttons on the top of the UI window show correctly but do not react when being clicked on.