UI.Vision Window Closes When Run From VBScript

I’m migrating from Chrome to Firefox because Chrome is now running everything at the slowest speed by default.

Now in FF, when I run the macros via a VBS file, the UI.Vision window will just close halfway at random times.

Anyone with similar experience? Is there any setting I must make?

I run firefox and macro via batch file and working well, no problem

Thanks for yr encouragement, newuserkantu. I must be doing something wrong, and there’s a lot I need to learn from you.

From what I understand, you’re running multiple windows from Firefox Portable, which is what I’m trying to do… May I ask about your setup:

Are you running each Firefox window from separate, individual (different) folders? i.e.:

FF Portable Folder, installation #1 -> Runs automation browser #1 only
FF Portable Folder, installation #2 -> Runs automation browser #2 only
FF Portable Folder, installation #3 -> Runs automation browser #3 only

Or are you using only 1 FF installation that runs multiple FF windows but under separate profiles?

I use only firefox portable

Every firefox portable have a folder and i run firefox with default profiles

I do not use the inconvenient profile management, simply every firefox has its own folder and works independent of the others

Only firefox portable allow you to run multiple instance in this mode.

Your setup is awesome, newuserkantu, the most practical I’ve seen so far. I’m running it, and very consistently, the automation runs independently of each other.

For now, I’m struggling with the “bringbrowsertoforeground” command. It doesn’t seem to work consistently for me, and I’m using (FX ver 81.0.2). I see you had the same experience early last year:

How did you get around this issue?

For security reason (IPC error or kantu is not connected to browser tab) I run macro automations for few minutes, after it close browser and batch file run another firefox + ui vision

In this mode if I have a problem (random bug), browser will be closed periodically and new firefox work again.

There are some bugs not solved in ui vision (IPC error or kantu is not connect to browser tab) to avoid this bugs I close and restart periodically browser with automation

There are a large amount of stranges and random error in ui vision the secure way is running short macro code and close periodically browser and restart and with batch file (or powershell) you can do this.

If i run a macro that work 2 hours and after show IPC error I lost 2 hours for nothing.

If i running a macro of 5 minutes and after show error (kantu is not connected of tab browser) i lost 5 minutes for nothing.

Restarting browser periodically i can continue the work.

At least in Chrome I have eliminated a lot of errors by starting the browser, pausing in the script (not in the macro), then starting the macro.

Understood & agreed. All great advice, newuserkantu &User9898. I’ll get to work designing around this principle.