UI.Vision tab/window hidden and unrecoverable

I’m using UI.Vision 8.3.9 with Google Chrome 119.0.6045.123 (x86_64) on macOS 12.7.1

It has now happened for the second time that the UI.Vision window disappeared and is unrecoverable. Clicking the extension icon doesn’t open a tab with UI.Vision. However, a right mouse click on the Chrome App icon reveals that a tab or window with UI.Vision RPA 8.3.9 now exists. Selecting it doesn’t reveal the UI.Vision tab. When choosing ‘Show all windows’ in Chrome’s app icon right-click menu, a window with UI.Vision, with minimal dimensions, is shown. Selecting it just displays Chrome again with the currently active tab. When selecting ‘Extension options’ for UI.Vision in Chrome’s extension management, a new tab briefly flashed and immediately closes. Clearing browser data, closing, reopening etc. wouldn’t work either.

The only way I found to get UI.Vision back is to uninstall the extension and then reinstall it. Afterward, I have to reconfigure all settings!"

Strange, we are not aware of this issue yet. Thanks for reporting it.

  • Do you have any idea on how to recreate this?

  • Are you doing desktop automation or web automation?

Hi, I’ll keep your request in mind. The next time it happens, I’ll try to remember exactly what I did before and make a screen video showing the described symtomns. I’m not doing desktop automation.