[ui.vision support Q0004] the sourceview in JSON is essentially the DSL for ui.vision and is there an integration test for the commands?

Sorry this thread has two questions but I think they are kinda related

  1. Am I right to say that the sourceview which is in JSON format is the DSL for ui.vision?

  2. When I write new code for my own software, I will push to GitHub and it triggers running tests, usually unit tests, on CircleCI.

I was wondering if there’s a way I can write the JSON format, push it to GitHub, and have CircleCi or some similar service to help me run tests to confirm that my JSON sourceview is written correctly.

Can advise me on this?


Apologies, when i say that the source view is written correctly, I don’t mean syntax wise. I mean that the results fit some intentions or expectations.

This is why I started by saying the example of how i write code in general and how I test it. I was hoping to draw a parallel with that.

What is DSL?

So you want to syntax-check generated RPA json scripts?


No. I realize I misspoke in my first post. I meant to say “written as intended” like the way I write unit tests to test that the code produces the results as intended.

I am still not sure if I understand. So the goal is to run the macros automatically on your (test) machine? If so, this can be done with the command line API.

I never used CircelCI myself but I see that it can run shell scripts: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/using-shell-scripts/

=> You can use a shell script to start the RPA software

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Thanks for reply. I need to keep this thread a bit longer. I have to ask CircleCI if they can help me with this.

Will come back to this thread when I have updates