UI Vision support for Mode IE on Edge

Hello, I am writing from Colombia in order to make a query.

Currently I manage some web operations on a page that works in Silverlight and that I want to automate. Microsoft announced through IE Mode the possibility of using Silvelight in Microsoft Edge but I would like to ask if there is any way in the future to add support for creating macros with this mode enabled. Thank you.

You can automate Internet Explorer (IE) already! To do so, use the visual web testing commands like XClick and XType instead of the Selenium IDE like commands like Click and Type. Essentially what you are doing is to use desktop automation to automate IE.

Hello, thanks for answering.

It is true that you can use the automation process in IE today but, the release date of Windows 11 is close, where Microsoft has already announced its plans to remove IE from the operating system. Because of that I will have to use IE Mode in Edge in order to work.

The option you offer me is temporary, and not updating to Windows 11 is impossible, my work environment is quite updated.