UI vision stuck after selectWindow | tab=open


I’ve run in to a problem when using UI vision that I can’t seem to solve; the start of micro has the following rows:

  1. csvRead | example.csv
  2. selectWindow | tab=open | https://example.com
  3. pause | 15000

The problem that I’m facing is that UI vision opens a tab to http://example.com but it never progresses with the third pause line. Instead nothing happens, a “2” is shown (see image below) in the Chrome extension icon but the macro never fails or completes. The weird thing that this only happens sometimes (more often than not lately) but sometimes the macro works. Any idea how to solve this? Is this perhaps a bug in UI Vision of does it have anything to do with the website it loads?


Hi, does it also happens with shorter delays e. g. 600 instead of 15000?