Ui vision Rpa Version 5.7.6 for firefox what are the new features?


Some days ago ui vision RPA for firefox updated to new version 5.7.6 but in what’s new page there are NOT any info about this version.

What are the new features of Ui vision RPAs Version 5.7.6 fo firefox ?

From firefox ui vision RPA addons page

# Ultima versione

## Versione 5.7.6

Rilasciato 7 lug 2020 - 1,75 MB

Compatibile con firefox42.0 e successive

Please see https://ui.vision/rpa/home/whatsnew

On What’s new page I see this

## What's new with V5.7.5, released June 2, 2020


V5.7.6 has no new features. It was just a version bump as we had to re-upload the extension in the Firefox addon gallery.

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