Ui.Vision RPA V8.3.8 available - includes XClickTextRelative

The latest version V8.3.8 of our open-source RPA software brings improved versions of the OCR-powered XClickText, XClickTextRelative and OCRExtractByTextRelative commands.

It also contains other improvements, for example:

Improved setProxy command:

Visual commands (e. g. XClick) have now a “Jump to image” option in the right-click menu

Edit screen search images

The update is available for Chrome. Versions for Firefox and Edge will follow.

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Thanks! Does xclicktext work with multiple words on Mac now?

Not yet, but this is on our todo list. Having said that, usually one word is enough to make things work. If you get stuck at a certain point, please make a forum post for it and we can suggest workarounds.

Thanks. It’s an important feature!