UI.Vision RPA V6.2.2 available

UI.Vision Core Update

For what’s new with V6.2.2 please see: https://ui.vision/rpa/home/whatsnew

xClick & Drag&Drop died for my Firefox automation after this update. Any idea?

Strange. This update should not “touch” these areas.

As a test: So DemoXClick no longer works? What happens when you run it?

DemoXClick runs. The strange thing is not all my xClick broke. This one works on Chrome but broke in Firefox (dial doesn’t move as usual when the position is clicked):

This one works on Chrome but broke in Firefox

Are you using the latest version of Firefox?

Can we get access to this website for testing? (You can email a test login to team AT a9t9.com)

I’m using the latest Firefox Portable. I tested xClick on other websites and it works fine, but broke down on this one. I’ll send you the macros shortly.