Ui.Vision RPA product security question

My company is interested in purchasing the Ulvision product, but my security team has some questions they need addressed before making a decision:

Can you explain the controls in you SDLC process related to product security?

Has there been any third party testing on this product in which you can provide an executive summary of results? Such as a SOC report, penetration testing, etc.

Do you have a trust package with IT security information that can be reviewed?

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We do not have any official third party security or penetration testing of our product.

However, we consider Ui.Vision very secure because it is fully open-source. So you, your team or anyone else can always directly review the full open-source code, and you can even directly compile Ui.Vision from this source code. Thus - unlike with other RPA vendors - you do not have to take our word for it that Ui.Vision is secure, you can review it directly yourself.

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Also, let me emphasize that Ui.Vision is not a SaaS “Cloud” solution.

Our RPA software runs 100% locally on your machine. So even if we had a security breach in our physical offices or on our website, our RPA software on your premises is in no way affected by it. Thus our RPA software is more secure than any SaaS solution could ever be.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks! Our security teams agrees that there is no need for penetration testing (etc) if everything runs behind our corporate firewall. They thought it was a cloud solution, thus all the questions. Now that they know it is local software, they will approve its use :slight_smile: