UI.Vision recording for IE mode on Edge


About how UI.Vision supports IE mode on Edge,
I’ve heard XClicks and XType commands are useable.
That would be good for creating a test scenario manually and playback.

One more thing I need to know is, if it’s possible to record IE mode sites.
I’ve been trying some sites but I haven’t successed to record any yet.

Hello, I used to work with iMacros (Internet Explorer based) in the past, and switched to UI.Vision as iMacros alternative a few years ago. That works great.

I have one website left that works only in IE :laughing:, and for that one I use UIV on Edge in IE mode. My experience:

  • Web recording does not work in Edge IE mode, but replay works fine! So if possible record as much as possible in the normal Edge mode (or Chrome), and then manually create the missing commands.

  • XClick and XType (actually all visual and OCR commands) work fine in IE mode. You can also create them directly in IE Edge mode. Visual commands are not recorded, but created manually by adding the commands + screenshot step by step, like building something with Lego bricks.

If you have more questions about it, let me know.

Mr. Plankton,

“Web recording does not work in Edge IE mode, …”
Thank you for making it clear recording does not work.
The are still many IE based sites, so I need to figure a way in recording.
I’ve tested iMacros too, IE mode didn’t work for me as well.

Best Regards,

Please check out visual automation with XClick - it is very easy to use and works well in Internet Explorer mode. And using it does not require recording.