My organization is interested to purchase the PRO Edition of UI Vision.
I have some concerns to be clarified to move ahead with the purchase.

  1. Can you please explain how the license for UI Vision PRO Edition works? Would it be possible to share the license key with multiple browsers and still receive the benefits of the software?
  2. When it comes to online OCR text recognition, is the limit applied to a single machine, or is it tracked differently?

Thank you for using our RPA software:

(1) Yes, you can use the license keys in all supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge) and unlimited browser profiles at the same time.

(2) Our new RPA OCR runs local and has no conversion limits (unlimited conversions).

Thankyou for your response.
I also would want to clarify that if I will be able to run the single license key with multiple machine at the same time?

The PRO license can only be used at one machine at a time.

But if you need to run your macros on many machines and/or servers, then you can purchase the UI.Vision RPA Enterprise Player license. It gives you an unlimited license to run your macros and testsuites on as many machines as you need - inside or outside your company or organization.

This license can be purchased separately at any time, or you purchase it as part of the discounted Special Enterprise RPA + Player Bundle.