UI.Vision Optional Step


I am getting a test going, but sometimes when adding new data we get a pop-up saying there is a duplicate name, and we need to be able to click OK to continue. But this does not happen all the time.

What is the command for an optional step?


I assume the macro fails if the popup appears?

If so, use store | true | !errorignore for the part that might fail - then the macro continues to run.

Then check the value of !statusOK with the IF command. If !statusOK is false, then you can run the code to handle (close?) the popup.

See also How to continue running the macro if a certain step fails. It has some example code.

Thanks or the reply.

Correct, it fails on the pop up.

I will give this a go.


Thanks for the help. Was able to get it to work so happy days.