UI.VISION open input file (upload menu) from windows

Hi, i can’t find the way to automate pressing the open bottom, when i select a file to be upload in a popup menu. I’m trying to automate the upload a file to Microstrategy cube.

please can some one help me to understand how can i do this, please.



This is hard job to do, need desktop automation woth Xclick/Xtype

Here info

Hi newuserkantun, thanks for the replay, i tried using xclick and grab the image from the bottom “open”, but the ui.vision program doesn’t do nothing. I can open the tab, input the file name to import, but i can’t click open.

it’s the last command i need to automate and i’ve been trying several things for the last 2 days and nothing, can you please help.

i’ve even put the command xdesktopAutomation true - xclick - xdesktopAutomation false so i could use the desktop tools, but i could make it work

Desktop automation is the hard part to automate, sometimes i work from 1-2 weeks to find a good solution for desktip automation.

Secure solution is use shortcut with Xtype, shortcut is best solution to automate in desktop automation.