UI VISION on andriod

I was wondering if it’s possible to install xmodules on andriod , which might be ?
Firstly there is a browser called kiwi browser you can install extensions on it , i did install UI VISION on it worked great for search on element but expect for visual search since there is no official xmodules for andriod only for Linux I wonder if there is alternative ways for this ?
Or at least manually install xmodules in

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Here is a method to automate Android and iPhone apps with RPA

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kiwi browser you can install extensions on it

Interesting news, so the UI Vision core can run natively on android :slight_smile:

But yes, at the moment the XModules work on desktop Linux, but can not be installed on Android. So the only way to visually automate Android is via a remote desktop, as @Plankton mentioned.