UI.Vision/Kantu as iMacros Alternative


I am a user of imacros and after years I know that it is the best program in the world of automation, I can automate anything, and with javascript support can also run programs and external functions.

I wanted to use Kantu but I find it very twisted as a method, respect imacros is very difficult, why not improve it and make imacros similar?

I’m terrified seeing kantu how bad it works.

Mine is a suggestion, to improve Kantu to make it a valid competitor of Imacros because at this moment Kantu seems to me a confused and poorly implemented software.

I would love to be able to use also kantu but I find it very confusing compared to imacros so I can not yet with imacros I can do any work very well.

I saw the click recognition system is made in a confusing way, with imacros is simple example TAG POS = 1 TYPE = DIV ATTR = TXT: * (1 number object and TXT the test to click) with Kantu is confusing, hardly rememberable.

I would love to use kantu but at the moment I see it as a very bad and confusing alternative to imacros, please improve it and make it a valid alternative, thanks.

Have a nice day

We implemented the Kantu html-level commands to be as much Selenium IDE compatible as possible.

Kantu has many features that Selenium does not have (e. g. visual ui testing, OCR, command line, real user simulation,…). But for the classic HTML DOM-based web automation parts we saw no need to reinvent the wheel.

So the big advantage of the Kantu syntax is that once you learned the Kantu syntax, you have automatically learned all Selenium IDE commands, and even many selenium web driver commands.

PS: It might we interesting for you hear that the open-source Kantu was created by a team around the original iMacros developer :wink:


Hi admin

Thanks for reply, i use without problems imacros, i automate everything but with Kantu i do not automate nothing.

How can I start to using Kantu ?

I found very very confused Kantu.

It’s normal an expert of imacros that automatize all action with Kantu do not find any solution to automatize websites ?

I’d like to impare tu use Kantu but I can not understand how it works.

Thanks for helping

Hi, maybe as a start… what kind of website or task do you want to automate? I have used imacros before as well. If you post a small imacros macro, I can translate it to kantu for you.

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Kantu compared Imacros What can not I do with kantu ?

The first thing that confuses me is that imacros 8.9.7 access my csv/txt files in my hard disk without any software so I always save all the files, kantu known that does not access the files saved on my hard disk.

Another thing that confuses me is that the window with the commands of imacros is hooked to the browser window and therefore easily readable, while the window with Kantu commands is separate and often overlaps the browser window confusing me.

I’m happy with Imacrsos but it’s only compatible with firefox 56 so I would like to learn Kantu to update the browser.

This is because in the old version of Firefox extensions were allowed to read/write from/to the hard drive. But since the new Firefox Quantum this file access is blocked.

Solution: Install the Kantu file access extension module. It brings back file access.

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I agree. We also think this needs to be improved. => We have some plans to improve the Kantu UI in the future.

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kantu have a sistem to find relative element like this

TAG POS=R1 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT:* (1 element to right after anchor)
TAG POS=R-1 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT:* (1 element to left before anchor)
TAG POS=R-3 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT:* (3 element to left before anchor)

R1 element right anchor
R-1 element left anchor

I use this tag to recognize dinamic element that change.

in some situation it’s the unique way to automatize some action.

It’s supported by kantu a similar tecnology ?


iMacros’ relative element syntax is a clever way to find and extract data from pages with changing IDs. I like it a lot. But the big drawback is that it is non-standard. Kantu uses the standard xpath terminology… which can be complex at first but is powerful - and can be used with many tools and projects.

In Kantu you can recognize dynamic elements that change with:

(1) XPath, see: FAQ: How to click a button with a changing ID (partial ID match)?

(2) Regular expressions with sourceSearch

(3) Visually via computer vision: Relative Clicks

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I’m also an iMacros user locked into an old version of Firefox to keep it working. Sooner or later it will stop working because browser and coding standards change; the choice is to pay nearly $1,000 for the upgrade (which I cannot justify) or look for an alternative.

Kantu is the leading alternative so far (in my opinion). In many ways it’s a lot easier (quicker) than iMacros to knock something up, with the added bonus of conditional logic built-in.

I don’t know if it is capable of replacing my main iMacros script yet but Kantu is still in development and my impression is it’s going in the right direction. Once you get your head around Kantu’s use of variables and its JSON implementation, you’ll be on your way.

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Legacy versions with new features and security updates are available (e.g. Basilisk or Pale Moon). Waterfox v56 can iMacros v8.9.7 and newest Kantu. Legacy and Webextension addons. Then we have the power of both worlds.


I tried Palemoon but does not support any firefox extension, it’s totally useless.

Firefox quantum is 200% more fast of old Gecko browser.

Waterfox v56 do not support 32 bit OS it’s a big limit.

All browsers are fast on my system except bugs. Palemoon or Basilisk Browser has no webextension api but you can check Legacy addons. I think you can compile waterfox with 32-bit, maybe.

What’s a valid reason not to use quantum firefox which is excellent? I do not understand why having to use worse browsers instead of using quantum firefox which is the best browser in the world. I do not understand the point of this your post you are promoting a poor browser to use instead of the excellent quantum firefox which is outstanding throughout.

Objective view looks different. I have already posted enough valid reasons in this thread. No gui changes (except css), limited tab function, protocol handler are limited and more things. Firefox bugtracker is overloaded with addon dev requests. Waterfox is good if both worlds are required. And Kantu has no js multi line support.

Stop to spam trash browser please.

No one is interested in your waterfox spam. this browser I have already tried and it is really bad, use firefox quantum 300% faster than other browsers and safe, with quantum firefox it automates everything, with the rest you only waste time.

FIrefox quantum is certified the best browser in the world there is no doubt about this, they all use it.

It was my answer for your question with “valid reason”. And in your previous post was 200% and in the newest 300%? Objective view looks different.

Yesterday I installed waterfox and I noticed that it is a useless copy of firefox, if you look in the files they are the same as firefox so waterfox is a useless and also malfunctioning copy of firefox and therefore for what reason I should abandon the wonderful firefox quantum that works very well to use Waterfox?

In Waterfox I have installed a webextension and it has some incompatibility defects so it is not true that it is compatible with webextension, you are proposing only an old and useless browser copied from firefox.

I have already uninstalled Waterfox which has become very poor as a browser and incompatible with webextensions (verified by me).

I use those tools per advantage and disadvantage.

Which webextensions you have used? (1-2 examples are enough then I see the failed api calls)
Then I can try a bugfix, bugreport or I understand you better. Kantu was no problem in my tests.

I tryed this extension in Waterfox

Online can’t install but i save the xpi in my pc and install from my pc without problem.

After installed some function do not work (notify do not show and some value will not changed).

I opened firefox again to check and with firefox quantum working great (script injection change resolution and other).

I waterfox I enabled script injection (that works in firefox quantum) but in waterfox do not work, because more value will be not updated without script injection.

Works only with firefox quantum.