UI.Vision Kantu 5.2.3 triggers Leave Site? dialog in Chrome

I am brand new and trying out the application. I have successfully recorded a series of useful steps. When I record the macro, no dialog box appears when I click between tabs on a page. However, when I run the macro, when it clicks on a tab to enter more information, the click results in a Leave Site? dialog in Chrome. My options are: Leave and Cancel. If I manually click Leave, the macro continues successfully.

Is there some way to avoid triggering this dialog, or to have the macro click Leave? I haven’t been able to figure this out.

This is a private website I can’t give access to, but it has a number of tabs where you enter data into field and submit at the last tab.

Following up on this to see if I am missing something. What would a good command be to click the Leave button on that dialogue or prevent the dialogue from being created (it’s not created when I manually click through the page in the UI).

There may be an option on that message that says something along the lines of “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues” which you can check, as shown in the picture below. To get this, click on the CANCEL button (manually) then repeat the previous step that brings up the dialog. The second time around, the check box becomes available (at least it did with the site I’m working on).


Like you, I would still prefer a way of clicking on LEAVE or CANCEL.

I used XTYPE || ${KEY_ENTER} to auto-click on the LEAVE button.

Maybe {KEY_TAB} will get you to the CANCEL button, and from there you then use {KEY_ENTER}?!