UI.Vision Kantu 5.2.3 triggers Leave Site? dialog in Chrome

I am brand new and trying out the application. I have successfully recorded a series of useful steps. When I record the macro, no dialog box appears when I click between tabs on a page. However, when I run the macro, when it clicks on a tab to enter more information, the click results in a Leave Site? dialog in Chrome. My options are: Leave and Cancel. If I manually click Leave, the macro continues successfully.

Is there some way to avoid triggering this dialog, or to have the macro click Leave? I haven’t been able to figure this out.

This is a private website I can’t give access to, but it has a number of tabs where you enter data into field and submit at the last tab.

Following up on this to see if I am missing something. What would a good command be to click the Leave button on that dialogue or prevent the dialogue from being created (it’s not created when I manually click through the page in the UI).