UI.Vision for Instagram


New to this program, so bear with me.

I am having issues with using the type command when trying to direct message people on Instagram.

Everything else in the process works; but for some reason the program cannot detect the IG text box.

I tried inspecting on my browser and using this target as the proper section to text :


I have tried anything and nothing seems to work.

Please let me know if it is workable and fixable.


" * [error][ignored] Line 13: run command: element found is neither input nor text area"

Websites like Instagram or Facebook have often some anti-automation logic (like changing xpath) in place.

The solution here is to find a good Xpath or to use visual automation with XClick and XClickText. It is a bit slower, but it works for sure.

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Through using Xclick and Xtype

Thank you!

I was curious if there is a command i can create that will allow me to NOT double message / DM someone?

*For Example: I “DM” a person once on IG; but sometimes it will send a message again.

Thanks, and I look forward to your response! :slight_smile:

It is often possible to create an xpath with an anchor to a fixed text (axes xpath) this way you solve the problem of the xpath changing because the search is based on the fixed element (anchor) and then searches the child generically.
Works similar to XClickRelative command but works with classic selenium ide commands

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I appreciate the help.

How would one go about doing that?

Is there a source, youtube, or list of instructions to not have them double DM on IG?

Not the most technically savvy but def learning and keeping myself educated to fix this problem.

Thanks for your input and look forward to your response! :slight_smile:

Only you who have access to the page can detect alternative xpaths, I recommend using various Chrome addons to detect additional xpaths and when you detect a non-dynamic one you integrate it into ui vision.
Ui vision only detects few available xpaths and does not detect xpath axes which are more advanced

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Got it.

So when I have it setup to direct message someone on instagram through use of
executing an action through a spreadsheet…

When it enters the name into the search box:
(See attachment)

Sometimes this happens if the target/name I am trying to direct message is beneath another result:

It enters in the name and the name of the user i am trying to target ends up on the second line but it only messages the top result (*For example: one of my followers or some other random user)

I am trying to find a workaround to where UI.Vision can message the SPECIFIC person
I am trying to target highlighted in the red box

How would I go about fixing this so this process can be more accurate?

I end up having situations where I double message people who have already been message and so forth.

I look forward to your response and thx! :slight_smile:

Ok…what chrome addons detect additional xpaths?

When i say new to this… I mean verrrry new lol.

Bear with me as some of the jargon is hard to decephier but if you could elaborate
that would be great

I look forward to your response and thx :slight_smile:

I do not use Chrome but in chrome store with “xpath finder” you can find more addons to detect xpath better ui vision

I use old firefox version and with it I can automate everythink

Instagram is not easy to automate because can use dynamic xpath and require more skills to automate site with dynamic xpath

maybe to just bypass and fix everything is it best to use mozilla instead of that is the case? lol

NO, I use ui vision for firefox because portable firefox works by saving all the data in a folder so it’s easily portable or bootable even from a pen drive while Chrome saves a lot of data on the PC and Chrome is very heavy in terms of ram and limits me a lot in automations.
Unfortunately the version of ui vision for firefox hasn’t been updated for 2 years so in ui vision for Chrome there are new commands that I don’t know and could allow you to create macros in a different way.
I know how to automate any site including social media but making good automation takes time and work

Bro I’m having the same issue. What is the target you used to get it to work?