Ui.vision deployment

I purchased Enterprise Edition (5 machines can install by the lic key only). I found the free version is only allowed us to save imarco to local storage (in browser). Now enterprise allows us to save imacro to file system (on hard disk).

Anyone can share the deployment experience to me. I plan to do the following but I don’t know whether it is the correct approach.

  1. develop imarco at desktop with Enterprise edition installed and save the imarco to the hard disk.
  2. export the imarco which I want to deploy to other desktop with free version
  3. import the imarco to the target desktop (local storage)

If the above steps work, anyone have experience to do the step 2 and 3. Please advise. Thank you very much.

Hi, I am not sure I understand why are you using the free version at all if you have the Enterprise license?

What we use is the hard drive mode and then use Dropbox to sync the macros between the different machines. Of course, instead of Dropbox anything else like Github or Google Drive would work equally well.

Understood. Sync between the 5 machines on hard disk mode is ok. How about the 6 machine which I can’t install the Enterprise Edition due to Licence limit? So it is why I ask how to deploy the imarco to another machine using free version on local storage mode. I think I am not familiar with the deployment method in Enterprise edition so that I seek for your help to do in right approach. Thanks.

How about the 6 machine which I can’t install the Enterprise Edition due to Licence limit?

Ah… now I understand the question :wink:

The issue is, there is no way to sync macros that are stored inside the HTML5 storage automatically. Of course, you can always export and import macros manually.

I would recommend to purchase more Enterprise licenses, this makes everything very easy. If you simply need to replay macros on the 6th (and more) machines, I recommend the so called RPA Player License, it does not cost much:

It gives you an unlimited license to run your macros and testsuites on as many machines as you need - inside or outside your company or organization.

The UI.Vision RPA Enterprise Player has all features of Enterprise Edition , except the ability to create new macros. Technically speaking if UI.Vision RPA XModules are unlocked with the Player license key, the “Save” button is disabled. Everything else works 100% as in the regular Enterprise Edition. The number of included OCR conversions is 10,000 per day per Player license (additional conversions can be purchased any time).

You can fully sync macros between the Player license and regular Enterprise license. It is all the same.

ok, I shall purchase the player license. Thanks for your suggestion. If we need to find someone to help for marco and script creation, any man-day package is available to buy or any better suggestion as I am new beginner for ui.vision.

any man-day package is available

Yes, I know that custom support and development services are available. However, I have not used them yet.