UI Vision Crashing, blank white screen with a reload button in the middle

hey guys!, to start i have been using ui for a couple of years now and love the product… But the last couple of days it has crashed constantly every couple of hours. i usually run 2 macros at the same time on different chrome profiles which i was doing yesterday as well. so i dialed it back to 1 macro and got the same result. also checked my computer usage and have tons of memory to spare. tried slowing the speed of the macro down from fast to medium and still got the same result. tried restarting everything. disabling the plugin on both profiles and then trying both profiles individually, still got the same resul, so here i am lol.

its currently running waiting for it to happen again and update with a picture

Out of memory error code

Just to clarify: Are you saying this issue is new and the same macros ran fine before?

these are new macros but it is a fairly simple one… i almost am at the point of asking my money back from buying pro version. plugin is now completly useless. crashes within 1 hour every single time

Ok, understand. We are investigating another reported memory leak issue at the moment. We plan to have an update that solves this issue soon. My guess is that this will solve “your” issue as well. It sounds like the same problem.

In the meantime, a workaround is available: Instead of running the Ui.Vision app for hours, call it periodically via its command line interface.

Found a much easier solution, just use xDesktopautomation on a separate UI vision app when it finds the reload button, click it then click play. Took all of 5 mins haha :ok_hand:

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I’ve noticed I have 1 browser with 1 extra extension and that browser connected to UI vision crashes 15-20% faster consistently