UI Vision Certification and Learning Material


I am interested in learning this tool. Do you provide certification/learning material as well? Please advise


UI.Vision does not have a “RPA University” like UIPath has. But the good news is that it is not needed :wink:

To get started, I recommend:

Plus: Make sure you test the powerful visual ui test commands.


I’m migrated from imacros to ui vision for browser compatibiliy (imacros works in old browser only).

First time is hard migrate in another system.

The fast way to study ui vision is. install it, install all macro demo and start it with step function.

You will see every command in step mode and you can switch next command manually.

I started with open command, after I continued with other command.

With step function is more simple to know every command.

After 1 year i can automate every site i see on internet.