UI.Vision Causing Page Reload on Angular App


We are using UI.Vision to automate testing for an Angular 8 single page application.

We are using Keycloak as our single-sign on solution and whenever the extension is enabled our application is forced to undergo a page reload. It seems like we are able to record a series of steps, but when we try to play the macro back, our application is being forced to reload and the macro doesn’t execute properly.

It looks like UI.Vision is hooking into the DOM and causing the bootstrap process to break which sends the user back to the homepage and not the link that’s been clicked by UI.Vision.

Hi, do you have a link to a test website? Or maybe a video of the issue? I tested with the live demo page linked in https://angular.io/guide/router-tutorial and all works fine (= no page reload when running the CLICK command):

Another test you can do is to avoid the Selenium IDE-style commands and use XClick | image.png instead. This command does not insert any code into the website.

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